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DyToComp 2018

DyToComp 2018

The conference is devoted to computational aspects of dynamics and topology. The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:


  • Dynamics and Computation
    • classical numerical methods for dynamical ODEs and PDEs,
    • algorithms for rigorous numerics of dynamical systems,
    • KAM theory and rigorous numerics,
    • variational methods,
    • applications to celestial mechanics,
    • numerical experiments in dynamics.
  • Topology and Computation
    • homology algorithms,
    • persistent homology,
    • data analysis by topological methods,
    • topological methods in computer science,
    • topological methods in shape analysis, imaging and computer vision,
    • statistical topology,
    • directed algebraic topology and concurrency,
    • combinatorial methods in applied algebraic topology,
    • topological aspects of computational algebra.
  • Dynamics and Topology
    • topological invariants of dynamical systems, Conley index,
    • combinatorial topological dynamics,
    • topological criteria for qualitative analysis of dynamical systems,
    • topological methods of dynamical systems as tools in developing numerical algorithms,
    • numerical algorithms for topological invariants of dynamical systems.


URL relacionada: http://dytocomp.matinf.uj.edu.pl/index.php