Algebraic Topology in Data and Dynamics

First announcement

We are pleased to announce a research conference

Algebraic Topology in Data and Dynamics (ATDD '18)

to be held July 9-13, 2018 at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA.
Our main goal is to celebrate Konstantin Mischaikow's 60th Birthday by highlighting the interface between applied algebraic topology and the analysis of complicated dynamical systems. This conference will provide a platform for exchanging ideas across topology and dynamics, with a focus on applications of algebraic topology to the analysis of data arising from complicated dynamical systems.

Invited speakers:

Zin Arai* (Chubu University)
Saray Day* (William and Mary)
Robert Ghrist* (Penn)
John Harer* (Duke University)
Yasuaki Hiraoka* (Tohoku University)
Bill Kalies* (Florida Atantic University)
Hiroshi Kokubu* (Kyoto University)
Miroslav Kramar* (INRIA)
Jean-Philippe Lessard* (McGill University)
Robert MacPherson (IAS, Princeton)
John Mallet-Paret* (Brown University)
Konstantin Mischaikow* (Rutgers University)
Marian Mrozek* (Jagellonian University, Poland)
Yasumasa Nishiura* (Tohoku University)
Hiroe Oka* (Ryokoku University)
Genevieve Raugel* (Paris-Orsay)
Jan-Bouwe van den Berg* (Vrije University, Amsterdam)
Robert van der Vorst* (Vrije University, Amsterdam)
Thomas Wanner* (George Mason)

*confirmed participant